Post-Brexit Delivery Updates for EU Customers


Thank you very much for visiting our store!

The UK has left the EU and the Single Market and Customs Union, and the Transition Period ended on 31st December 2020. From 1st January 2021, any transaction over €22,00 is subject to import taxes on entry to your country.

If the total value of your order is between €22 and €150, you will be asked to pay VAT at your local rate and a possible Customs administration charge before your order can be delivered.

If the value of your order (including shipping) exceeds €150, the goods are liable to Customs Duty, in addition to VAT. It is our understanding that for photographic prints and similar items printed only with illustrations (Harmonisation Code 491191) Third Country Duty is 0%. Please note that this is our interpretation and we cannot guarantee that zero Duty will be levied.

Almost all of our products are of UK preferential origin and are not subject to any trade tariff.

We want to give our customers the best possible experience under the new trading conditions and we are assessing shipping options where we collect import taxes and Customs administration charges on your behalf at the checkout. Until we can adopt such a process, the courier or postal operator will have to collect these charges from you either at the time of delivery or shortly afterwards.

If you require further information regarding import taxes, please contact a Government office in your country or refer to an official Government website.

Thank you for shopping with us, Team