International Delivery Charges

International Shipping of Lifesize Cardboard Cutouts

Lifesize cardboard cutouts are very large items that cannot be sent by regular airmail methods.  They can only be sent by a courier service.  Please see below for how you can save heavily by taking advantage of our discounted rates of up to 70% against list rate and enjoy fast delivery times.

Please see the photograph below of a typical lifesize cardboard cutout and the size comparison to a DVD - a regular, everyday object.


We receive up to 70% discount on regular courier rates and pass this directly on to our international customers.  

You order can be tracked online the moment it leaves our offices in the UK and is securely dispatched, in custom produced, strong, protective packaging.

We have negotiated volume discounts from our partner courier service providers.  These discounts are passed on to our customers, in order to minimise our charges for delivery. Discounts vary, depending on the destination country and the mail/courier service employed, but we achieve savings as high as 70% over published list prices for the same service.

Nevertheless, for bulky goods, such as lifesize cardboard cutouts, the delivery cost can exceed the value of the goods themselves. These items, because of their large size, have to be conveyed by courier. In almost all cases, the cost of delivering these items (by air freight) is related to the volume of the package and not to its actual weight or to the value of the goods. This does have the consequence that the incremental charge for sending two or perhaps three lifesize cutouts in the same package is relatively low, or even zero.  

You can save heavily by taking advantage of our rates.  To many countries, the cost to send 1 - 3 cutouts is the same.

We strongly recommend international customers consider purchasing 2 - 3 cutouts in a single order.  This is due to the way volumetric weight shipping works.  To many countries it costs no more to ship 2 or 3 cutouts than it does for a single cutout.  If for example you live in the USA or Canada, the shipping cost for 1 - 3 cutouts is £34.99.  By purchasing 3 cutouts, the cost is spread and is equivalent to just £11.66 per cutout - cheaper than many domestic services!

Typical International delivery times for Cardboard Cutouts:

USA & Canada - usually next business day from the date of shipment - 2 business days at most

EU Countries - 2 - 3 business days

Rest of Europe - 3 - 5 business days

Australia & New Zealand - 3 - 5 business days

Asia - 2 - 5 business days

** Remote areas e.g. parts of Alaska, Australian outback etc. please allow an additioanal 1 - 2 business days **