Cardboard Cutout Setup Instructions

Please follow the instructions below or watch our instructional video to setup your cardboard cutout:

Please lie the cutout flat on the floor, the strut will have a faint crease line running down it which allows it to fold away from the back of the cutout (to the left like a hinge).

Please lift up the strut along the crease line and pull the tab down over the hook of the very top of the strut.

You will see 3 circular shapes have been cut into the strut - these are the locking tabs that make the strut rigid.  push each one of the three locking tabs out towards the back of the cutout, they will now be flat against it.

All that you need to do now is pull each locking tab towards you and each one will slot into the body of the strut locking it into place. Once all three are locked in, you will then find it is sturdy and will free stand. 

Image showing instructions on how to setup a lifesize cardboard cutout