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Plan the Perfect Winter Olympics-Watching Party

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Olympic Games Face Mask Set of 6

We love the Olympics. The chance to see top athletics from around the world compete in a huge range of events is captivating. Even non-sports fans get caught up in the drama and excitement. Dedicated football fans may suddenly find themselves on the edge of their seats and debating the condition of luge tracks and bobsled teams. This makes the Winter Olympics the perfect time to host a party and share the fun with your friends. Now here are ways to make your Olympic events special.

Face to Face

Take your party beyond the ordinary by providing celebrity face masks. An Olympic 6-pack of athletes lets even your couch potato cousin look like a famous Olympian. Heck, you might prefer looking at a mask than looking at his face all the time. You could add masks of other celebrities like the Royal family so that everyone can take on a different persona.

Set the Stage

It can be a little harder to get into the spirit of the Olympics if you are sitting in a warm, toasty house. Bring the outdoor look inside with a bit of party décor. White garland can be draped around your house to give the sense of being in a snow-filled alpine location. Check January clearance sales for discounted snowflake cutouts, winter scenes, and fake snow.

Prepare for Downtime

Don’t let your party lose momentum during commercial breaks or between sporting events. This is a perfect time to play a game. Olympic Games trivia can be fun and interactive and keep everyone entertained. Games like Jenga are another great option. They are easy to start and stop whenever the television coverage becomes more interesting. Pick up some cheap “medals” to use for prizes or you can place the medals around the room for decorations. An Olympic Games cutout of a medal ceremony could be a wonderful addition to your decorations while giving party-goers plenty of selfie opportunities.

Eat Like an Olympian

There are a few ways to capture that Olympic spirit in the food your serve. Arrange bagels or ring-shaped biscuits like your very own Olympic rings. Fill ice cream cones with popcorn to make your own mini Olympic torches or make ice cream cone cupcakes to top with flame-shaped frosting.

If pizza is more your speed, arrange the pepperoni or onion rings like the world’s tastiest Olympic logo. Foods in the colours of different national flags add some patriotic spirit as you cheer on the various teams.

For a completely different approach, pay homage to the different countries competing in the Winter Olympics by serving foods from around the world. Fish and chips next to spring rolls with a Swedish smorgasbord could be a wonderful way to have something for everyone. Sticking with finger-foods can make it easier for everyone to eat in front of the tele and snack throughout your party. 

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