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Top Tips for Screamingly Great Halloween Décor

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Halloween can be the highlight of the season. No other occasion offers as many opportunities to let creative juices flow. There are endless options for décor, food, and movie themes to make your Halloween party unique, fun and memorable.

In time for its Halloween weekend movie release, we have Thor: Ragnarok lifesize cardboard cutouts all ready and waiting, and there are also plenty of other Halloween flicks and tricks to provide the scares....

Halloween Movie Spectacular

If you think of scary movies when you think of Halloween, embrace a Halloween movie theme. Lifesize cardboard cutouts from your favourite films are the perfect way to immediately set the stage and make your event stand out. From Texas Chainsaw Massacre to Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street, the characters from the classic horror movies immediately provide atmosphere.

Get the Look:

With so many movies and decoration options available, it can be easy for your décor to become muddled. Limit each room or area to a specific movie theme in order to make sure each character cardboard cutout.

Movie characters look better in their natural setting. Abandoned sheds, gothic castles, and old mines are all perfect places for horror movie characters to creep around. Graphics of fake boards can be put up to imitate boarded up windows, doors, and entrances to abandoned mines. Cobwebs and scary trees can complete the look.

Horror movies are graphic with blood and gore. For food, try finger foods that look like fingers, brains, and skulls. Check out some delightfully gross recipes here .

Creative Dress-Up Event

For many people, the best part of Halloween is the opportunity to wear fabulous costumes. If that sounds like you, don’t limit your Halloween theme. It doesn’t need to be ghouls and vampires. From pirates to Star Wars, there is no limit to the types of movie and period themes you can embrace for Halloween.

Get the Look:

They’ll feel the force when they stand next to a life-sized cardboard Darth Vader surrounded by Stormtroopers. This décor quickly transforms your home until the setting of your choice. Simplify your decorating by picking one theme or movie per room. Then, add the food and music to help bring each theme together.

Celebrate your favourite movies and characters, while you give you and your friends a reason to dress up. Why not channel your inner Minion or Doctor Who ? There is never a better time than Halloween.

Classic Halloween Spooktactular

Nothing says Halloween quite like pumpkins, mummies, skeletons, Frankenstein, zombies, and vampires. Cardboard cutouts of your favour Halloween elements helps to quickly set the scene.

Get the Look:

This theme can easily be made appropriate for either children or adults. Modify the scare-factor and gore, in order to make it right for your age group. Decorations can include spider webs, gothic elements, vampire bats, jack-o-lanterns, and eye balls. Be sure to include plenty of fun, colourful Halloween finger foods .

If you expect some guests to show up without costumes, your party atmosphere doesn’t have to be ruined. There is a simple fix. Party masks are available for a wide variety of movies and celebrities. The Walking Dead Ultimate Party Card Face Mask Pack Variety Pack provides 12 different images of the characters from the TV show.

From Thor: Ragnarok to Freddy Krueger and more, there are lifesize cardboard cutouts and party masks for every Halloween theme at Starstills.

Thor: Ragnarok lifesize cardboard cutoutsThe Walking Dead Party Masks – Ultimate Pack

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