Are You Ready for Solo: A Star Wars Story?

Are You Ready for Solo: A Star Wars Story?

The success of the recent additions to the Star Wars saga have giving a huge boost to the world’s fascination with the Star Wars series. From the moment the original Star Wars movie premiered in the 1970s, generations have grown to love these exciting space-faring adventures. After starting with the forces of the Empire against our rebel heroes, then exploring the early days of Darth Vader, the series set off on other side adventures that happened concurrently with earlier movies. Now we are gradually learning more about the continuing adventures of many of the key figures introduced in the original movie. This has led to great anticipation of each additional movie that is scheduled to be released.

This summer the latest, and most anticipated Star Wars movie will premier. Solo: A Star Wars Story will finally reveal the early days of Hans Solo, arguably the world’s most beloved scoundrel. At last we will discover his early adventures that took place prior to the movie that first brought the world of Star Wars to the silver screen. Now is the time prepare for this huge event by hosting a Star Wars saga watching party. A few celebrity masks can set the tone for hours of fun as you and your guests enjoy re-watching the earlier Star Wars films in preparation.

The interest in this movie isn’t limited to die hard Star Wars fans. Even people who haven’t traditionally admired science fiction or action movies have found the gruff-talking Hans Solo appealing. Unlike the eager young hero, Luke Skywalker, Solo was a man who was trying to survive in challenging times but who was also realistic about the dangers. He lacked the idealism of Princess Leia but continued to prove himself as someone who was trustworthy, under his crusty mercenary exterior.

The prospect of learning the story of how Chewbacca became friends and co-pilot to Solo is exciting enough to guarantee plenty of talk about this film. The movie is expected to include Lando Calrissian, the famous gambler who would go on to both betray and save Solo. The now-famed ship Millennium Falcon will be featured as we learn more about the dangerous criminal underworld Hans faced in this galaxy far, far away. Further raising expectations about the quality of this film is the fact that Solo: A Star Wars Story is being directed by acclaimed actor and director, Ron Howard.

Hans Solo, as played by Harrison Ford, became not only pivotal to the plot of the movie and the survival and success of the other main characters, he was the character who appealed to people from all walks of life. Together he and Princess Leia had many of the most memorable lines in the Star Wars movies. The cantina scene still remains fascinating we get to view the variety of beings, language, and music in this galaxy. We also see how cheap life can be in the Star Wars universe and how precarious Solo’s life and existence are as he struggles to survive.

While movie goers previously discovered there was a history between Solo, Calrissian, and Chewbacca, now the details and origins of those relationships should finally be revealed. Away from the political struggles and the Force that were the focus of many of the Star Wars characters, this film should provide riveting details of how average people lived within this galaxy we have learned to love. 

12th Jun 2018 Linda Starstills Team

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