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Super Gifts for Hard-to-Shop-for People

It seems like there is always a few people on our shopping list who are challenging. Either they already have everything they need or it is just difficult to figure out what they’d like. That’s why we’ve compiled great gift ideas to help you avoid Christmas shopping stress. If you want gifts that will thrill and delight, here are great ideas for presents for everyone on your list.

The Nerd

Nerds and geeks of all ages will love anything that pays tribute to their favourite movies and televisions shows. You can bring the films alive for whoever is on your shopping list with lifesize cardboard cutouts from Star Wars, Doctor Who, or the newest superhero movie, Thor: Ragnarok. These make great decorations for bedrooms, dorms, or even their office.

Other presents for nerds are t-shirts and mugs of their favourite movies or shows. Household goods like a Darth Vader apron make great presents and help to bring a little adventure to their daily lives. Even office supplies can make great gifts when they are related to the Walking Dead, Marvel Comics, or their other favourites.

The Gamer

Fans of computer games can be particularly difficult to buy for since they immediate purchase new games as soon as they games are released. The secret is to buy them related accessories. A sound system designed to give a better gaming experience could be the present of their dreams. There are even specialized chairs that are designed for gamers that have sound systems build into them. If you live in the same building as the gamer on your shopping list, headphones might seem like an even better present that you’d both enjoy.

The Sports Fan

As long as you know their favourite teams, shopping should be easy. Jerseys, t-shirt, posters, and other gear with their team name or logo are all great presents. Obviously, if buying tickets to a game is an option, that could be the best present they receive all year. If their favourite team is far way, a subscription to a premium station or streaming service that broadcasts their games or meets could be the way to go.

The Movie Buff

For film fans, movie posters are always a great gift. For a bigger present, a larger television or improved sound system could be ideal. Collector DVD versions of their favourite films. A subscription to a streaming movie services is another great gift. For stocking stuffers, go for the classic childhood movie snacks or gourmet versions like speciality flavours of popcorn and candy.

The Romantic

Ah, romance! If there ever a better time than the festive season to see our favourite actors looking their most dashing? Treat the romantic on your shopping list to quality time with a leading man every day. A lifesize cardboard cutout of Colin Firth or George Clooney can add pizzazz and romance to everyday life. Look for mugs and travel mugs with romantic movie quotes, classic DVD collections, and wall art and movies posters that celebrate the best of romantic films.

 Thor: Ragnarok Lifesize Cardboard Cutout | Starstills

9th Jan 2018 James Starstills Team

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