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Tips for Hosting a Blockbuster New Year’s Eve Party

Lifesize cardboard cutouts get the royal treatment

Ready to ring in the New Year but want to avoid having another boring New Year’s Eve party? Your party doesn’t need to be limited to a few minutes of merriment at midnight. What you wear and how you celebrate New Year’s Eve can have an impact on how you feel about the coming year. Think beyond the typical New Year’s Eve party to host an event that will provide a great start to the year to come.

Posh New Year

Rather than the usual house party festive jumper, pick a theme and encourage your friends to start 2018 in style. Have a royal good time dressed as your favourite aristocrats. Your guests will love a special appearance of Queen Elizabeth II with two of her corgis, in the form of lifesize cardboard cutouts or get a whole party pack of the queen with party masks of the royal family.

Channel your inner royal with glasses of wine, cheese pairings, and fancy finger foods. Another option, is to make your posh theme tongue-in-cheek. The queen in drag could be a highlight of the evening. Fake diamonds, pearls, and gold coins can add to your décor. Rather than fancy snacks, you might want to go with the fun, low class food and beverages our favourite royalty might secretly enjoy. Add some entertainment with a know-the-royals trivia game.

Are You Game?

If sports are more your speed, bring on the team rivalries by encouraging everyone to wear their favourite team jersey. Play classic games on the television while you wait for midnight. Serve the same foods you would enjoy at a game. Have fun with sport-themed board games.

Party into the Future

Celebrate the New Year by partying like it’s 2218! Whatever your vision of the future looks like – Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel Superheroes, or Star Wars – New Year’s Eve could be the time to bring that vision to life. Ray guns, astronauts, and aliens can all start the New Year together. You can let your creativity go wild dreaming up space-age foods and drinks that will amuse your guests. Think planet and galaxy themes or go retro with images from early science fiction movies.

Back to the Past

Nothing makes you appreciate the future quite like the past. You can pick an era and place, like France before the revolution, or let your guests pick their favourite style from history. Mod fashions next to cave men could make your party the toast of Snapchat. There are endless options for food and drinks, depending on which parts of history you decide to embrace. Make the most of your gelatine mould with giggly foods from the 1960s or let them eat cake fit for soon-to-be overthrown royalty.

Charades and interactive mobile phone games where guests get to act out or guess as a group can bring your party to life. For a more twisted take on history, Cards Against Humanity and other games can provide hours of adults-only entertainment. Make things ever more exciting by providing fun prizes for the best costumes. 

11th Jan 2018 Allan Starstills Team

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