Genius Ideas for Your Fancy Dress Costume

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Some of the best ideas are simple. However, many of us, especially when it comes to fancy dress, struggle to come up with any ideas at all. Even when the theme is decided for us, often the genre is so large that the sheer volume of possible costumes means we fail to pick the most suitable one.

Here we look at some great ideas for your fancy dress costume, be it celebrity face masks , cheap hacks or simply just a few ideas to copy and adapt. The most important thing about the party is that you’ll enjoy it though, and worrying about your costume can ruin the run up. So read on, after which you shouldn’t need to worry at all!

Giant Banana

A simple zip-up costume that for some unknown reason always makes people smile and laugh. Engagement and recognisability are key factors in this classic costume choice.


It may be blasphemous to some, so be careful, but some long hair, a beard and a white smock, can miraculously transform you.


Pompoms and a short skirt will turn you immediately into one of the cheer squad.


An easy costume for the guys, just get a Hawaiian shirt from your local shops and you are good to go!

The Mob

A group of you could go as the mob. If you’ve got pinstripe suits already, all the better, all you need to add is a pencil moustache, braces and some fancy footwear – toy guns are optional.

Here He Is

Everyone knows the red stripy t-shirt, glasses and beanie hat of Wally, and you’ll be where Wally’s at!


You could don the dungarees and become Mario, or a full leotard for Spiderman – but remember, you’ll be in the costume all night so think of the practicalities. Also, remember that some costumes are more forgiving than others!


Black cloak and scythe, and you’re Death – just perhaps don’t take the bus home in full outfit.

No Talking

Mime artists need only a black and white striped top, white gloves and beret. You’ll need the make-up too and be prepared for everyone to tell you to be quiet if you start talking.

Get Old

Dressing like your nan or granddad will probably be easier for some than others, let’s leave that there.

Familiar Face

If you’re still stuck then there is an easy way round. Choose one of our fantastic celebrity masks and wear it for your party – you might even be inspired with the rest of your outfit (although be prepared for some #MAGA topical discussion and small hands comments if you plump for our Donald Trump mask ).

14th Dec 2017 Antony Salem

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