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Great Ways to Make Your Corporate Event More Memorable

Great Ways to Make Your Corporate Event More Memorable

Many corporate events turn out to be memorable. Unfortunately, this can often be for the wrong reasons! Many events will be staged this upcoming party season, but few will have been planned properly – and by properly we mean making the event memorable in a positive way.

Whether you are entertaining customers or clients, suppliers or resellers, or simply rewarding your staff with a get-together, there are ways to ensure that positive memories are created and goodwill earned. Here we look at great ways to make your corporate event more memorable for all.

The Feeling

Even before the event, there should be a feeling of goodwill, of looking forward to it and talking about it. If you can create a buzz about an event, you’re already winning. Yes you will still have to deliver, but you’ll be ahead of the game.

So, you’ve already sorted the venue, the menu, the theme and decorations, and who knows you may even have celebrity lifesize cardboard cutouts ready for the big day, but now is the time to create the anticipation.

Social media may be a great starting point. With the relevant hashtags you can start people having the conversation about the event. Your invites will be the next step, and whilst you can give details such as venue, date and time, leave a little over to further boost the level of intrigue. If you are already hitting social media, refer to the tag on the invite and get the guests to engage in the promotion and excitement.


You have very little time to make that first impression at the event so think it through carefully – are your guests met at the door, given a drink, directed where to go? Nothing is more frustrating that not being able to access the venue, and let’s face facts, the lifesize cardboard cutouts won’t help with that!

Once in, what’s the appearance of the room, does it meet the expectations of the guests, or does it hopefully surpass them? You must then set about getting your guests to relax and start enjoying themselves. That is after all the main reason for the event. Think about colours and themes, accessories and practicalities – such as there being defined table seating if needed.


A great host can make an event – knowing people’s names and roles always impresses. Asking questions about the guests makes them feel even more engaged in the event. Furthermore, a great host can ensure that everything relating to the delivery of food, drink and entertainment is smoothly done. Being a great host is not a simple role, so pick them wisely.


The most important factor of all though is the guests. Make sure that they are well looked after, fed and given drinks as required. Ensure that they are all thanked for coming as they arrive, and collectively as you draw the event to a close.

Try to ensure that the guests mingle too, rather than staying within their comfort groups. This might not be simple, but a skilled host can certainly help.

If you take care of the little things, nobody will notice them. People have a tendency to remember flaws and problems as readily as they do wonderful experiences, and they are in fact more likely to gossip about the former. All you can do is plan, prepare and execute the event with all of this in mind. That way your corporate event will likely be memorable for all the right reasons after all!

12th Feb 2018 Antony Starstills Team

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