How to Host the Best Royal Wedding Party

How to Host the Best Royal Wedding Party

All around the world people are eagerly awaiting the upcoming royal wedding. The Prince Harry and Meghan Markle nuptials have captured imaginations and hearts far beyond the UK. The romantic story of a British prince and an American actress epitomises the spirit of the stories we loved as children. Now the question is how to best celebrate this momentous occasion. Here are ways to host your own wedding watching party and provide your guests with an unforgettable experience.

Everyone is Royal

We’ve all had daydreams of being royalty or wondering what their lives are like. This is your chance to let everyone be part of the royal family. As your guests arrive, hand out celebrity masks of the royal family. You can buy an assortment package of all the royals or just let your guests pick from masks of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Perhaps you would like to keep the mask of the Queen or Prince Phillip for your personal use since you are hosting the party. Then you can let your guests play the parts of the rest of royal family.

Don’t forget to throw in some patriotism by decorating with the Union Jack. You can even incorporate its blue, red, and white colours throughout your home. From decorative garlands to blue, red, and white foods, there are plenty of ways to make your home scream royal but festive.

Royal Bingo

The royal wedding should prove to be an extended festival – from the arrival of the celebrity guests to the newly married couples’ departure after the wedding. To keep your guests entertained during the less dramatic parts of the day, have plenty of entertainment options for them.

Why not create your own bingo game that your guests can play? The Queen, Prince Phillip, Prince Harry, and Meghan can each have their own columns with guests marking squares as they play. You can either draw out words written on slips of paper and play until one of your guests gets bingo or have the bingo cards list things that are likely to be mentioned on television. Your guests can mark them off as the television commentators say the words on their bingo card. Suddenly even a wedding commentator can become more exciting.

Special Foods & Drinks

Maintain your theme by serving food and drinks that coordinate with the royal wedding. That could mean serving Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s favourite foods and beverages or making up your own. You can even make (or buy) your own mini version of the royal wedding cake.

If you like a more formal event, why not channel your inner Queen. Honour the Queen’s sensibilities with a lovely formal tea and delicate sandwiches and desserts. Get the full effect by dressing up in Queen-worthy suit, hat and purse, and by surrounding yourself with cardboard cutouts of corgis!

Another approach is to celebrate your life as a commoner as you watch the coverage of the royal wedding. Revel in your commoner status by enjoying some delightful fish and chips or other traditional food. A pot of curry could be a great way to feed a large group of people and allow them to help themselves to more whenever they get hungry. Remember, use your imagination and you can make your royal wedding party an event your friends will always remember. 

7th May 2018 James Starstills Team

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