Inject Life into Your Big Event

Inject Life into Your Big Event

Regardless of what type of event you’re planning, you want it to be special. We all love hanging out at a friend’s house but it is wonderful to have an event that is beyond the typical night with friends. Rather than host just another get-together, you can make your gathering one everyone will remember.

1. Fun Giveaways

You want your guests to feel free to be themselves. Often the best way to do that is to give them the opportunity to be someone else. Celebrity party masks can give them the chance to loosen up and have more fun. Interesting giveaways like masks can break the ice and let all of your guests get into the spirit.

Depending on your type of event, giving away other fun items at the door can get your party going. Think in terms of theme hats, feather boas, noisemakers, or whatever else will boost the party feeling. Leprechaun hats for St. Patrick’s Day, artificial flower leis for a tropical theme, and noisemakers for cheering on the big game can all elevate your event and keep your guests entertained.

2. Dress for Party Success

People behave differently when they dress differently. It can be difficult to get people at your event to truly embrace the spirit of the event if they are dressed in their regular clothing. Encouraging people to wear costumes or anything different can change their behaviour and the entire mood at your big event. Be sure to notify your guests well in advance as to the theme and clothing expectations. It could be formalwear to celebrate a red-carpet awards show, futuristic clothing in honour of the latest science fiction movie, a particular colour scheme to match the occasion, or dressing to represent a particular time period. There are no limits to the ideas you could embrace for your event or the exciting interpretations your guests can exhibit.

3. Set the Scene

Nothing makes a party seem special quite like having it take place in a different setting. If you’re having your event at home, you can still provide that experience by transforming the room. Look for movie posters to add that special touch to your theme. Garlands and lights are standard ways to decorate but feel free to come up with new approaches. Printed images from the internet could be printed and placed around the room highlight a sports or movie-themed event. Look for inexpensive oversized pieces of paper (unprinted rolls of wrapping paper can be a great option) and draw or paint on them to create huge background scenes to hang on your walls. Use carpet remnants to create a mini red carpet for a formal event or to watch an awards show.

4. Food & Drink

In spite of announcing a theme for an event, we often make the mistake of defaulting back to the same old offerings of food and drink. Make your event special by providing completely different refreshments. Irish food for St. Patrick’s Day is a must but don’t stop there. Serve food in your team colours, get creative with a Death Star-shaped cake for a Star Wars movie night, or cook up ethnic cuisine to represent the countries competing in the World Cup. Watch a collection of James Bond films with a selection of martinis that are shaken, not stirred. Celebrate the next Royal wedding with a union of foods and drinks from the UK and US. Suddenly your event becomes special and the bar will be set a little higher for the next time your friends or family hold an event. 

11th Apr 2018 Antony Starstills Team

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